Coffee Addict Onceler
mod: una idea un poco atrasada pero ahi esta

mod: una idea un poco atrasada pero ahi esta

/Make me./ *grins and takes a bow* /Oh don't act like you don't love biting~/

Well I only like when my lovely husband bite me, my darling

don't you mindd that you and your husband have the same.. um face and body, and everything since you are all the same person?

Yes… and your point issss….

No no monsieur Downy dont bite

I have missed you Coffe~

My my darling I miss you too  *kiss him hand* and how are you?

*kisses your nose* love you :)

Oh my my I love you too my lovely darling

-dragon girl climbs on and hugs- LOVE ME

Oh my my hello my lovely darling *kiss her… claw*


cold coffee.
Hey Coffe, Are you Link? Cause you don't have to say anything to still look good! =3

No darling but… what can i say? Thanks for the compliment ;)